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Nigeria’s №1 leader of the fintech movement

Kudiwave was founded out of the need to help individuals carry out financial transactions in a simple, fast, and secure manner. Thanks to our fees free system and our ‘security-first’ ethos, we have emerged as one of the very best fintechs in Africa. Kudiwave is based out of Lagos, Nigeria. We are duly registered by the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). Everyone knows the fintech scene in Africa is now more than just a technology. We have positioned ourselves right at the forefront of this movement to help our users discover and interact with this technology to their best advantage.

Champion of the African Fintech revolution

Kudiwave guarantees fast and secure transactions. Our platform is simple and easy to use. The industry-standard security also means your transactions are super-secure. And because our customer care agents are always online, there is no need to contact us via emails, as our live chat is always available and so there are no annoyingly long wait times. When you transact on Kudiwave, you can trust that nothing will ever go wrong!

Want to know why our people love us?

Instant service; no wait time, super simple interface for easy transactions, industry-standard security for your peace of mind, fees free transactions.

Kudiwave is making fintech easy to use for Nigerians!

We have built Nigeria’s best fintech platform and we’re leading the charge for maximum financial freedom and inclusion. Today, we have become one of the most trusted names in the Nigerian fintech space and we’re still striving to do more. You too can join the movement.